Working day
My day starts early. I am always in the residential home by 7.30am. Living in west Hull, it makes sense to get in early and avoid the traffic across town and getting down Holderness Road. I liaise with the trustees and our architect on building matters and it is my job to keep on top of repairs and maintenance. If a room becomes empty, it is assessed and the necessary upgrades and replacement of furniture are undertaken. My job is to liaise with the contractors on all maintenance, including the servicing of machines and alarm systems. I also cover the garden maintenance, which is partly contracted out and partly dealt with by our in-house gardener. I am responsible for “keeping the books” – everything from banking, invoicing and bill payments. I assist in liaising with families regarding care home fees and once the ladies are resident here I can assist with their finances if requested to do so, in conjunction with a colleague. I also monitor major protects, reporting back to the trustees and obtaining approval, when appropriate, for works to be carried out.

Down Time
My down time is spent gardening, doing crosswords and sudoku, and spending time with my grandchildren and dining out. I enjoy reading crime and mystery novels and always have a good book on the go. I walk a lot, too – a Labrador needs plenty of exercise and I am out in all weathers with mine! Although not a shopaholic, I enjoy a day out browsing in Leeds with a nice lunch.